A Revolutionary Invention Made in USA

Are you tired of getting scratches on your car?

Are you sick of spending a fortune on repairs? 

Have you had enough marks and scrapes on your car? 

Remove Marks and Scratches on your Car in Seconds!

Watch Now

Get results in seconds

Get Results in Seconds

Pass SMART PEN over the scratch, and watch as it disappears right before your eyes. It’s incredible! You won’t have to worry about scratches ever again. SMART PEN gets rid of them in seconds!

Simple and easy to use

Simple & Easy to Use

Just pass the tip of the applicator over the scratch and let it dry. It’s that easy and practical! Your car will look like new.

Forget Expensive Bodywork Repairs!

Forget Expensive Bodywork Repairs!

Forget about paying thousands of dollars on bodywork repairs just to fix a few imperfections. You can repair them yourself in seconds! With no tools and no effort. You’ll save a fortune on mechanics’ fees and bodywork repairs.

Works On Any Surface of Your Car

Works On Any Surface of Your Car

With SMART PEN you can repair scratches on the mirrors, doors, hood, trunk, wings, next to the lights, roof, fenders and every surface you can think of.

For all cars, for all colors

For all cars! For all colors!

SMART PEN can be used on any car, any model with any colors, you can even use it on motorcycles.

Cushioning system

How Does it Work?

SMART PEN’s tip has a cushioning system that helps it adapt to all kinds of surfaces making it easy to cover any scratch on any surface. Just pass SMART PEN over the scratch, and its exclusive fast-action formula fills and seals the scratch, instantly eliminating it for good.

Fills and seals

Fills! Seals! Protects!

SMART PEN’S technology doesn’t just make scratches instantly disappear. It also fills, seals and protects them from corrosion.

FREE GIFTS – Total 900 SAR Value!

Order your SMART PEN, and you’ll receive 2 SMART PENS and the RESTORER POLISH and the potent TURBO VACUUM CLEANER. Total 900 SAR value, all for just 299 SAR. 67% discount!

FREE Second SMART PEN – 300 SAR Value

FREE The Amazing Turbo Car Vacuum Cleaner – 200 SAR Value

FREE Smart Polish Restorer for Your Car's Interior – 100 SAR Value

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